“Masters of arcane blues secrets”-Human Being Lawnmower Magazine

”Music to start a juke joint brawl to” -Bibliodiscoteque

”Pull-the-chord-and-let-the-snot-fly-blues”-Relix Magazine

”A Daddy Long Legs show is equal parts roots rock, blues and guttural soul, stripping down old standards and making them shiny and new again. Some of the originals are like an all-out spiritual revival, while others are hauntingly beautiful.” -AltDaily

”these drunken cowboys with fuzzy mics and rip-roaring harmonica solos are the most authentic band you’ve seen all week.”- Esquire (sxsw 2015)

”Fresh off their recent tour of Europe, Brooklyn-based trio Daddy Long Legs rolled into Hotel Vegas, stealing the show and leaving a charged and awestruck crowd of revelers in their wake. Brandishing their signature death blues style, which could be likened to a perilous speeding locomotive with Casey Jones at the helm, the group sounded more raucous and rowdy than ever. Front man and harp wailer Daddy Long Legs himself preached to a crowd in need of rock and roll redemption. His drummer banged his maraca on a beer soaked drum while Daddy and his harp presided over a crazed revivalist tent sermon. By the time the trio got to their best known song “Motorcycle Madness” the crowd grew into a frenzy and jumped onstage to dance and sing along with blissful abandon.”

-Glide Magazine

‘What Daddy Long Legs unleashed upon these cynical ears was nothing short of masterwork. A shot in the dark of the deep trembling heart of rock’n’roll, all desperation and harmonica short-fuse mess-around, blowing yr ears, yr speakers, yr very rhythmic pulse, whoopin’ and stompin’ from the get-go, going deep down into yr soul and pulling you into frenzy, wailing the chug a chug and chug a lug, spilled beer on the barroom floor while you kick and shimmy the slide on down to Satan’s very personal lounge, the sound of the damned and the sound of the “we don’t give a fuck”, because the shack is open 24-7 and we’re gonna grind and fuck the latest morning and the deepest night, blow, baby, blow, the train is haulin’ and we’re in the caboose, the back end of respected society, hootin’ it up to the end of the line.
Best Record Of The Year!”-Big Rock Candy Mountain

“Daddy Long Legs is a man. A tall man. A tall, well-dressed, imposing man who blows the harmonica as if breathing life and soul into Delta bluesmen long dead… a trio of characters forging rock n’ roll spectacle for the eyes and ears, hearkening back to when troubadours drank moonshine and took their role as entertainers more seriously.”
-The Deli NYC

“a conduit for pure rock n roll”
– Red Hook Star Revue

”In addition to a deliciously unhealthy dose of harmonica, this Brooklyn trio’s electrifying backwater blues is rounded out by primal drums and guitar, which leaves room for singer Daddy Long Legs to belt out his musical sermon.”
-The Most Interesting Academy Dos Equis

”Originaly from St Louis , Missouri , this weird troubadour move to Brooklyn NYC like a 3 piece-band . These lads drive Delta -Blues with an once of Punk garage attitude & an inch of stomper R’nd Roll music trend roots . Their influences ‘re most to father’s of Blues like Howlin’ Wolf & futhermore to early – Rollin’ Stones . Among their faves covers , D.L.L. dig with brio ” comin’ after me ” classic song by Frisco band The Flamin ‘ Groovies & futhermore a wyld cover of ” Thirty Days ” standard by Chuck Berry . The particularity of this trio is the frontman who play harmonica as his mean Bluesman influence Little walter . Belive me next followin ‘ songs ” Death train blues ” / ” I feel so electric ” / ” Shackin’ up ” among 12 tracks on this album ‘re pure savage vibes & a brightly shot of punk rock’n blues music’spirit . D.L.L. destroy R’n’B & R’nd Roll to ultimate primitive savoir-faire . A must !”-Ubupopland